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  1. Herbal Bath

    ● Herbal bath combine the purest natural herbs with the healing and soothing powers of warm water.
    ● Herbal formulas help restore and maintain the body’s natural wellbeing and provide the healthful benefits of nature.
    ● Herbal bath offer balanced blend of herbal extracts, herbal essential oils and skin nourishing vegetables oils.
    Included - 10% Service Charge + 13% VAT
    Rs. 1,600
  2. Steam Bath (Hot Water Vapour Based)

    ● Force the Toxins out of Your Body
    ● Ameliorate Your Skin’s Health and Tone
    ● Bring Relaxation and Rejuvenation to Your Life with a Steam Bath
    ● Ease Your Breathing
    ● Stimulate Your Immune System by Taking Regular Steam Baths.
    13% Vat will be added in MRP
    Rs. 680
  3. Sauna (Dry / Wet Hot Air Based)

    ● Hot air bath taken for recreational and therapeutic purposes.
    ● Generalized body ache, rheumatic arthritis, gout, back pain.
    ● Relaxing muscles, reduces weight, releases stress, increases joint movements
    Included - 10% Service Charge + 13% VAT
    Rs. 680
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3 Item(s)