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If you want to flaunt your beautifully sleek body, waxing can help you do that. Reveal a new you with the help of our friendly waxing specialists at Chaitanya Spa. Whether you simply want to maintain your sleek appearance or are looking to bare it all with a whole body waxing service, our team can help you achieve your goals with the wide range of waxing services we offer!

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Wax - Beauty - Ladies Only

Wax - Beauty - Ladies Only

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  1. Bikini Wax - Ladies Only

    ● Bikini waxing is the epilation of pubic hair in and around the pubic region by the use of wax.
    Rs. 1,500
  2. Full Body Ladies Only

    Waxing is beyond hair-removal, it’s a skin care treatment that makes your skin presentable and classy. Experience painless waxing on your arms,underarms,legs,chest and more. Reveal your beautiful, smooth and sleek body. Flaunt your sexy, sleek and shiny legs with hassle-less waxing done by our waxing professionals. Get ready for your bikini body.
    Included - 10% Service Charge + 13% VAT
    Rs. 6,000
  3. Brazilian Wax - Ladies Only

    ● Brazilian waxing is carried out by our specialists in which unwanted hair around your intimate area is taken off. The specialists will use skin friendly products and painfree techniques to give you the desired sleek result with less pain.
    Included - 10% service charge & 13% VAT
    Rs. 2,500
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3 Item(s)