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CHAITANYA, a wellness healing spa, is the first medi-spa in Nepal living up to the ancient traditions. The spa is facilitated by traditional, contemporary and natural forms of therapy under the constant and competent supervision of expert naturopathic physicians. Our trained and experienced therapists ensure that every visit to our world-class spa is a unique experience for our patrons. Staying true to ancient tradition our treatments and procedures aim to satisfy the Indriyas making for a harmonious balance between Panchamahabhuta, leading you to a state of  ‘Chaitanya’.

Indulge yourself at the exotic luxurious CHAITANYA, and satisfy your senses with Pampering, Invigorative, Exfoliative, Detoxifying, and Revitalizing treatments drawn from ancient medical traditions. We endeavor to bring you the best of modern amenities coupled with centuries old healing techniques, giving you a feeling of eternal youth, vigor and beauty. Come to us and discover a new YOU!


chaitanta rooms

Life has always been blessed with ever coming unique experiences. Such experiences help us to broaden our knowledge of understanding urging us to contribute more of ourselves for better enhancement in lifestyle and surroundings as well. In a process, sometimes, we undoubtly feel the need of energizing the self both internally and externally. 

It is time now to address such a mass of people to encourage them to spare some moments of their life schedules to maintain balanced body, mind and spirit for leading healthy lifestyle. 

We intend to bestow our expertise to help you explore a beautiful you in healthy body, mind and spirit through our therapeutic touch. 

Feel the heavenly retreat always with an unique experience at “Chaitanya”.


Spa Details

How to book?
You can book for the appointment through viber, facebook, whatsapp, official website: www.chaitanyaspa.com and also through phone-calls.

How can I make payments?
Payments can be made through cash-ondesk, paypal, esewa, credit card and debit card transactions. Note: We accept Nepali Rupees, US dollars, Australian dollars, Pounds and euros for cash on desk. All the foreign currencies will be equalized with nepali currency according to exchange rate on the day of service.

How to cancel my booking?
You can cancel or reschedule your booking through a phonecall at least 1 day prior to the service day.

What happens if I have to shift the booked massage at another time slot? There are altogether three timeslots at chaitanya spa-(Happy Hour-, Peak hour, VIP hour) If you need to shift the booked massage at another time slot, you will be charged according to the timeslot in which you will be taking the service at.

Chaitanya Gift Voucher
You can buy Chaitanya Gift Vouchers to gift a spa service to your loved ones and give them a special indulging experience. Chaitanya Gift Vouchers can be purchased from the Spa.

10%Service Charge
Please be informed that this SPA provides therapeutic massage to customers. We will be charging 10% service charge for services rendered which goes to our employee as supplementary income. We do not charge for unsatisfied service treatments.

How early should I arrive before the booked time?
You are recommended to arrive at least 15 mins before the booked service time so that you can properly fill up our massage information form and take time to relax in the serene ambience of Chaitanya Spa before the treatment.

Spa Amenities
Bathrobes, Towels, Slippers, Disposable undergarments, Shower Caps, Shampoo, Soap and Conditioners are provided by the spa. It is advisable to avoid wearing jewellery and keep other valuables inside the locker provided to you.

Security Arrangements
For the security of your personal belongings, we offer you the lockers. You are suggested to keep all your personal belongings in the lockers. It is advised to avoid wearing expensive jewellery or bring other valuables at spa.

Note: Chaitanya spa holds no responsibility in case of damage or loss of your personal belongings.

Massage Information Form
Proper information about you in the Massage information allows us not just to understand your massage requirement but also learn about your body conditions. Your body condition and health problems allow us to provide treatments most suitable for you. So you are requested to properly fill up the forms.


Clients Need Addressing and Professional Boundaries

Our Massage Therapists will help you to adjust massage pressure, temperature, musical volume, work longer on an area or move on if you request to.

  • The Guest will always be modestly draped. Only the area being massaged will be undraped. The Guest will be kept informed of the area to be massaged.
  • The Guest may choose to refuse any onsite massage methods, stop massage at any time, and is free to leave.
  • Sexual activities or any kind of non-modest gesture will not be tolerated, will be viewed as solicitation and reported to the proper authorities under the guidelines of the onsite massage therapy policies and procedures and management could handover to local police authorities for further actions. The client will not be rescheduled if this occurs.

Confidentiality and Conversation

  • We treat all client visits and conditions as confidential. As such, we will not discuss your visit with anybody outside of our staff without your express permission.
    You may choose to talk or not talk during the massage. Conversation will be guided by the guest’s direction.

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