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Massage & Treatment

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  1. Chaitanya Special Massage - Oil

    ● It is beneficial to treat varieties of disease conditions.
    ● All seven massage movement - touch, stroking, friction, kneading, percussion, vibration & joint movement
    Rs. 2,700
  2. Kati Basti with Back Massage (Low Back Therapy)

    ● A special technique aimed at providing relief to the back pain using warm medicated Oils or herbal decoctions
    ● Gentle herbal massage on the back
    ● Warm herbal oil is poured over the lower back and retained inside an Herbal dam.
    ● Good in Chronic and acute back pain, Prolapsed disc, Lumbar Spondylosis, Osteoporosis and Sciatica.
    Rs. 2,700
  3. 4-Hands Chaitanya Signature Massage - Oil

    • Performed by two therapists in synchronization.
    • Effect of two full body massages.
    • Deeper relaxation of Body & Mind.
    • Release chronic stress
    Rs. 5,000
  4. Kids Massage

    ● Massage is a wonderful stress-buster for children.
    ● Reduction in stress and stress hormone levels
    ● Happier and in a better mood.
    *For Children of age 1 year to 12 year.

    Rs. 2,000
  5. Pregnancy Massage

    ● Relief from muscle discomfort such as tightening, stiffness and knots
    ● Promote relaxation and relieve insomnia
    ● reduce anxiety and depression caused by hormonal changes
    Rs. 2,700
  6. Trekkers & Sports Massage

    ● This Massage provided to those people who go for a short or long trek and tour.
    ● Mixture of Thai and Ayurvedic Massage
    ● Deep Massage Technique to release chronic strain accumulated during treks.
    Rs. 2,700
  7. Chaitanya Herbal Harmony Massage (Potli Massage)

    ● The herbal stamp massage is a historical treatment from East Asia where herbal heated pouches are used to massage.
    ● The heat from the potlis works in providing an in-depth treatment.
    ● Metabolism and the blood circulation becomes faster.
    Rs. 2,700
  8. Deep Tissue / Muscle Massage - Oil

    ● Deep tissue massage therapy uses deeper pressure which is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension.
    ● By using deep finger pressure and slow, firm strokes, deep tissue massage has been proven to treat a variety of physical illness such as chronic pain, blood pressure and so on.
    Rs. 2,700
  9. Anma / Shiatsu Massage - Dry

    ● Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese healing method which uses fingers, thumbs, palms, knuckles, elbows, knees and the feet
    ● Itwork on the body's specific points that lie on energy channels (meridians)
    ● It helps to balance a person's energy flow, and strengthen the vital organs and cures chronic diseases resulting from blocked or unbalanced energy.
    Rs. 2,700
  10. Thai Massage - Dry

    ● Thai massage is a type of dry massage that involves stretching and rhythmic pressure base on Yoga and acupressure.
    ● This improves flexibility, releases muscular tension and pain and energies the whole body.
    Rs. 2,700
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Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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