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Where Trouble melts like lemon drops

Chaitanya Medi-Spa is an ideal destination for someone looking to have some me-time and enjoy the comforting ambiance and expertise service that one can find there.
Spas are a necessity more than a luxury says Piya Bajracharya, manager at Chaitanya Medi-Spa. I am with her on this because the hectic lifestyle where our mind is constantly occupied with thousands of alleged problems at hand, it simply strains us dry. Everything takes up energy, even scrolling our phones for no particular reason. People don't have enough time to exercise. We really need to find ways to release the tension that builds up, due to our daily encounters, in order to feel our senses clearing or we will be overpowered by them, hence feeling drowsy and sleepy all the time.

For more Details:

Jan 28, 2018 10:36:47 AM By Chaitanya Spa Comments ADs and Articles,

Sauna bath is one such therapy about which much has been made of the health benefits, with good reasons. In fact, physically and emotionally, nothing is more reinvigorating, revitalizing and refreshing than a deep, healthy sweating every day. Tension fades, Muscles unwind. Mentally, we awaken relaxed, revived and ready for whatever the day brings. 

A few minutes per day is all it takes to look and feel completely different, better in every way. The body’s response to gentle, persistent heat is well-documented and proven day in and out by people and all over the world. Which is why more and more physicians including trusted doctors are recommending its purifying and proven benefits.

What is the working of sauna?

A sauna is typically a room heated to between 70 to 100°C. Saunas usually involve dry heat therapy but at some places even wet heat method is also applied. In dry sauna, humidity is around 10-20 percent whereas in Wet sauna, the humidity is higher.

How Sauna works?

Sauna raises the skin temperature to roughly 40°C. As the skin temperature rises, heavy sweating also occurs taking the heart rate to the roofs. The heart rate soars as the body attempts to keep cool. It is not normal to lose about a pint of sweat while spending a short time in a sauna.


Adjusts cardiovascular risk factors.
Increases Heart rate, blood vessels widen, improves circulation.
Reduces Muscle soreness, ease in arthritis pain and improves joint movement.
Promotes relaxation improving the feeling of well-being.
Flushes toxins.
Helps in weight loss.
Makes the immune system stronger.
Promotes social interaction.
Helps improve performance during endurance sports.
Makes hair look great.
Helps to recover from workouts.
Helps you look younger.
Releases stress.

Checks the emotional downfalls including depression, hunger, pain, it manages them and improves relaxation.
Did you know combining Massage with Sauna had huge benefits?

The main reason to combining a sauna with a massage session lies in the fact that when the muscles of the body are warm they become far suppler and therefore respond better to treatment. We have added sauna massages to our list of therapies due to the fact that guests relax more during a sauna massages than they do during ordinary massage sessions.

Sauna Facts:

All over the world, many professional athletes incorporate sauna sessions into their training program. Sauna aids the athletes in reducing water weight prior to weigh-in sessions, regular sauna massages are renowned for helping to speed up recovery time after the training sessions.
Sauna Massages when combined with stretching massages such as Thai massage and shiatsu massage, makes the muscles of the body more supple increasing the flexibility of the body. The stiffness accumulated in the body especially due to heavy exercise sessions or heavy physical activities breaks down. It saves the body from training related injuries.
The heat of a sauna session naturally has the effect of boosting up circulation and detoxifying the body. This process may be intensified when combined with particular forms of healing massage such as reflexology and hot stone massage.
Use of essential oils during massage with sauna allows the heat activate the ingredients of the essential oils stimulating their effectiveness.
Heat Massages and Weight Loss are inseparable.
Sauna Massage is a boon to those who struggling to lose weight. It has been documented that massaging on heated body breaks down the fat cells and reduces the cellulite.
In the countries like China, Korea and Japan, it is a common practice to use sauna and slap the skin gently with perfumed rags and large plant leaves so as to further stimulate circulation.

Precautions before and after Sauna:

1. Keep yourself hydrated, sweating continuously may lead to dehydration.
2. Wait for at least an hour after large meal to proceed sauna.
3. Take of the metal jewelry or accessories before entering the sauna room.
4. If it is your first sauna session, you are suggested to go for 20-30 mins, you can however increase the sauna duration upto 1 hr.
4. Despite the health benefits, People with cardiac problems, High Blood Pressure, Pregnancy must talk to their doctor before getting their first sauna session. It makes the heart rate high and patients with poorly controlled blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms and advanced heart failure or heart valve disease are advised to stay cool.




Sep 1, 2017 5:14:49 PM By Chaitanya SPa Comments NATURAL THERAPY,

Pregnancy, the most beautiful 9 months of a women’s life. It’s the period that determines the health of both the mother to be and the baby. Dreaming about her newborn, talking to the baby, buying cute clothes, beautiful baby crib, creating an unbreakable bond even before the baby is born, pregnancy is all about these beautiful moments.

Apart from its beauty, Pregnancy also has a lot of struggles for the mother to be during the baby vessel construction inside her body. It’s the phase when a women goes through most changes physically and emotionally. The centre of gravity for her body changes, bodyaches, disfiguration, hormonal changes, its a period when a women craves for care, love and support.

There is no better way to show a mother to be the care, love and support you have for her than giving her a pregnancy massage. There are a lot of benefits of pregnancy massage both to the mother to be and the child.

Pregnancy Massage Benefits for the mother to be:
1. Reduced anxiety, stress and emotional downfalls, as pregnancy massage releases happy hormones.
2. Promotes Relaxation which results in reduced Insomnia and Fatigue.
3. Relief from Muscular discomfort at neck, back and lower back, calves and the body as a whole.
4. Hormonal balance inducing calmness and pain management naturally.
5. Increases blood circulation resulting in pushing out toxins from the body of both the mother and baby.
6. Unburdens the load from the heart keeping hypertension at bay.
7. Less birth complications.
8. Increased flexibility to the joints and muscles.
9. Provides emotional support to expecting mother generated by human touch.
10. Balance in the hormone level minimizes the chances of newborn complications.
11. Reduced Swelling of hands, feet and ankles.
12. Promotes overall wellness.

pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage benefits for the baby

  1. Enhances baby’s health both emotionally and physically.
  2. Increased circulation
  3. Reduces instances of newborn complications.
  4. Positively enhances baby’s mental and emotional health.
  5. Promotes overall wellness.


  1. Please inform our therapists about your running month. Avoid Pregnancy Massage if you are on or above eight months.
  2. Avoid Massage if you have serious pregnancy implications or premature labor in previous pregnancy.
  3. Avoid Massage if you are bleeding.
  4. Avoid Massage on the first trimester i.e first 12 weeks and after 8 months.

When should I get pregnancy massage and how often? 

Pregnancy Massage should be best taken from 13th week to 8th month of pregnancy. It can be taken once a month or according to the need of it.




Aug 30, 2017 5:07:12 PM By Chaitanya Spa pregnancy massage, Comments MASSAGE & TREATMENT,

Childhood is the most active phase of life where every child is engaged in constant activities such as playing, jumping, running doing every mischievous things one can imagine. This is also the phase which actually shapes the mental and physical development of any person. Massage is beneficial for any age but as childhood is the developing phase, massage can be even more helpful for kids.  Massage can offer a series of health benefits for kids. As it is human nature to feel affection in touch, massage has the power to positively stimulate the body and helps in growth and development.

Some of the benefits of massage are as follows:

Helping in weight gain:

Some children struggle in gaining weight. Regular massages can release growth hormones in kids giving necessary aids in weight gain.

Helps in stress and anxiety release:

Stress and anxiety can hamper your child’s mental health and can also be a trigger for many health problems such as asthma, diabetes, obesity, depression to list a few. Regular oil massage helps in lowering and finally erasing stress and anxiety problems.

kids massage in nepal

Stimulates Cognitive Development:
Massage allows the Children to stimulate the construction of thought processes, including remembering, problem solving, and decision-making. According to a research made by dependable sources, in a research, children who received massage everyday performed better in IQ, solving math problems, reasoning and decision making.

Kids massage in nepals

Stimulates Motor Development:

Children will be developing their motor (movement) skills as they grow. Massage helps ease tension and pain in developing muscles that make motor skills possible.

A kid’s massage is the best thing you can gift your child.

Invite your child to discover a world of wellbeing under the guidance of a trained therapist. Specifically designed for children, this oil massage provides gentle pressure to the scalp and body, improving your child’s quality of sleep, soothing the nervous system, and strengthening immunity. Kids massage uses soft and gentle application of pressure on the child’s body along with medicine-herbal oils that will boost up your child’s state of mind and release stress. Regular massage has also been found to increase the concentration power in kids.




Aug 27, 2017 5:35:25 PM By Chaitanya Spa Comments MASSAGE & TREATMENT,

Trekkers and Sports massage is a form of treatment that is very helpful to trekkers and athletes for preventing soft tissue injuries. This massage is a combination of Ayurvedic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Stretching which is very helpful in preparing your body for your trekking or sport session and to ease your muscles from the sports & adventure activities you have gone through shortly. Trekkers Massage specializes in loosening up the body and building flexibility. This massage has the benefits of all three massages, i.e.  Ayurvedic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Stretching.


Benefits of Trekker’s and Sports Massage:

1. Trekker’s and Sport Massage prior to your trekking or sport adventure helps you to protect your muscles from possible muscle injuries caused by the strain in muscle.
2. This Massage makes your muscles tender that’s helps the muscles to adapt in all strains and difficult conditions.
3.Vigorous exercise ad long tiring trekking schedule tears down the muscle fibers, leading to an immune reaction i.e. inflammation. Massage after the strain caused by sports and trekking helps to heal the body faster. It even keeps muscle inflammation at bay. One research has shown that massage after exercise releases a hormone that activates the mitochondria of the cells, revitalizing the whole body.
4. This massage helps the muscles to adapt to the demands of increased physical activity.
5. It helps to concentrate on your next adventure giving you back your relieved body and calm mind.
6. Stretching used in this massage adds to your flexibility which is very important for trekkers and sports person.
7. It helps your body to recover from the trauma it has been through.
8. Trekker’s and sport massage makes you experience three massage types in one session. You will be able to experience ayurvedic massage, deep tissue massage and stretching massage.

Before you get a Trekker’s and Sports Massage:

1. Notify the therapist about your health conditions and your health issues clearly.
2. Avoid massage if you have open wounds, infections and cold.
3. Swellings, fractures, skin infections, or bruises should not be massaged.
4. Seek medical advice before having a massage if you suffer from phlebitis, thrombosis, varicose veins, severe acute back pain, or fever.
5. Lumps and swellings should be checked by your doctor.

What’s the speciality of this massage?

This massage includes a special session for your feet that helps you release your trekking strain and let go of your pain.

What’s the best time to take this massage?

This massage can be taken both before and after trekking and sports involvement. Book for an appointment right after your trekking or sports involvement or 1-2 days before that.
It’s recommended to take this massage both before and after your trekking and sports expedition.




Aug 22, 2017 5:21:03 PM By Chaitanya Spa Comments MASSAGE & TREATMENT,

Planning to travel to Kathmandu? Travelling is one of the most amazing feeling that one can possibly experience. Travelling seems like escaping life for a while but in reality travelling makes us explore our lives and actually blocks life from escaping us.

Travelling is undoubtedly one of the life’s most extravagant pleasures, but still it’s not impeccable from the situations that can turn your most beautiful travel experience to a nightmare. Jet lags, travel hangover, stiff joints can completely change the scenario of what you had imagined your travel would be like.

Well there is nothing to worry about, Chaitanya Spa has a long used travel stress releasing massage specially designed for travelers like you. Travelling is worthwhile when you can be a part of wherever you go and that’s possible only when you are in the right state of your body, mind and soul. Chaitanya spa’s traveller’s, massage makes your travel look completely effortless.

There’s no doubt that travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures—but it can often turn into a nightmare. The moment you step outside of your home en route to your grand adventure—anything goes—whether you’ve planned for it or not. To ensure you remain in top form to deal with the inconsistencies that may occur, you’ll need to take extra-good care of yourself—before, during and after your trip. Here are some tried-and-true tips for on the go wellbeing.

Benefits of Traveller’s Massage:

1. Special Massage technique that include both dry and oil therapy to handle the tension built up in the muscles and joints due to the long flights and travel.

2. Travel massage gives you relief from Jet Exhaustion and jet lag making you ready for your next adventure.

3. The stretching used in this massage adds to your flexibility and gives you a higher level of relaxation.

4. Massage helps you to recover from travel related stress caused by the rush, planning, packing and travelling. Traveller massage include a calming massage session to make you get over your stress.

5. Your body accumulates viruses, bacterias and toxins due to exposure to various environment, pollution, change in weather-surroundings and contact with many people. Getting a massage doesn’t only removes the toxins but also helps to release the anti-bacterial components of the body that protects you from falling sick.

6. Travelling takes a toll on your body be it any form of travel, sitting for a long period of time in one position is a torture to your body. You might even experience knots and tight spots built up in your body right after your travel. Massage helps to to loosen you up as a whole, breaking down the tight spots and giving your body the ultimate relaxation it needs.

7. Travel massage right after your flight and before your trip is the secret of making your trip the most fantastic one. With your stress level dropped down and your energy level boosted up, you can actually enjoy your trip better. With a Travel Massage, you will feel the perfect balance of body, mind and soul.

Before you get a Traveller’s Massage:

1. Book for an appointment right after your travelling and before your trip begins.

2. Notify the therapist about your health conditions and your health issues clearly.

3. Avoid massage if you have open wounds, infections amd cold.

4. Massage of the abdomen, legs, and feet should not be given during the first three months of pregnancy , If you are pregnant, inform our therapists about your trimester so that you receive the massage technique best for you.

5. Cancer patients are best treated by specially trained practitioners who know which areas to avoid and which kind of massage is appropriate.

6. Swellings, fractures, skin infections, or bruises should not be massaged.

7. Seek medical advice before having a massage if you suffer from phlebitis, thrombosis, varicose veins, severe acute back pain, or fever.

8. Lumps and swellings should be checked by your doctor.

When Should I take a Traveller’s Massage?

Its best to take Traveller’s Massage right after your travel and before the trip whereas you can also take traveller's massage after your trip.




Aug 8, 2017 3:26:02 PM By Chaitanya Spa traveller, massage, Comments MASSAGE & TREATMENT,

Facials are a lot more than an hour long indulgent pampering, it has got a number of skin benefits. Facials give you a glow to your skin making your skin look naturally beautiful. It doesn’t only rejuvenates your skin but consistent monthly facials prevent you from a number of skin problems such as premature wrinkling and aging of skin, breakouts, infirm skin, brown spots, and more.

Unlike Other Facial Service in Nepal, at Chaitanya Spa it is performed by our well trained spa technicians who will use techniques that will hydrate your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines by means of exfoliation and stimulating the growth of new skin cells. Facials help maintain a more youthful, radiant appearance, a healthier glow and more even skin tone.
Each facial begins with a skin analysis and involve a variety of skin treatments including steam, exfoliation, cleansing, masks and peel offs and relaxing massage. Your skin suffers from sun exposure and other environmental factors that can lead to the appearance of premature aging and facials are the perfect treat for your skin which will prevent the damage in the long run.

Facial service in nepal

Benefits of facial

1. Be in your best skin:

Facial is a solution to almost all of the skin problems. It gives your skin even tone, smoothness and instant glow. Facial is a secret of healthy and forever young skin. It helps you to be in the best skin that you deserve.

2. Prevent Wrinkle and early aging.

Facial provides your skin with the nutrition and moisturization it needs. Regular facial is like feeding your skin. When skin gets the nutrition it needs in a regular basis, the process pushes away the aging time-span and you look younger than your age. It can be called a botox-free anti-aging treatment for your skin.

3. Unclogged pores

Facials include multiple skin care steps among which extraction is one. The deposition of dirt when mixes with oil and dead dirt skin, it clogs up the pores. Extraction helps to open up the clogged pores and helps to make your skin breathe. The visible pores get sunken down making your skin healthy from inside and flawless from outside. Extraction however needs to be done from experts so that it is carried out in right way, and no damage is done to your skin.

4. Protects skin from seasonal impacts

When seasons change, the skin goes through a lot. Skin has different needs based on the temperature, humidity, intensity of sunlight and other climate factors. Facials helps to satisfy these needs and helps to make skin tackle seasonal impact. The outcome is change in season hamper your skin.

 6. Removal of dead skin cells

Scrubbing is one of the steps uses in facial treatment which not only improves the circulation of blood on your skin but also takes of the dead skin cells and dirt off your skin. Facial masks and facial peels on the other hand provide the nutrition for skin, moistens the skin and makes the dead skin cells removal process more effective.

7. Instant glow

Facials when carried over by experienced hands, will give you a youthful glow and diminishes your flaws. Facials are the best thing you can gift yourself right before a special event. Be it a date, a party or attending a wedding or being a bride, facials will always lift your soul up by making you glow throughout.

8. Manage your breakouts and scars

Breakouts and the scars it leaves are painful for anyone to carry both in physical as well as mental level. Teenagers often struggle in handling the breakouts- issue and facials is the best way to prevent and manage your breakout-prone skin. Facials uses deep cleansing method for your skin which simultaneously will help you prevent breakouts and your scars to heal fast.

9. Ultimate Relaxation Tool

Facials are not just the food for your skin, but it’s an ultimate happy-me time for you. Not only the massage used in facial will hydrate, moisturize and nourish the skin, but it will drain off the strain & relax your soul leaving you in the optimum state of tranquility.

10. Feel beautiful

Facials helps you put forward your best face, it makes you feel beautiful and radiate your confident-aura to everyone around you.

Things to remember after a facial:

1. Do not scrub your face or use any exfoliants for atleast five days after a facial.

2. Use gentle facewash and cleansing products.

3. Do not use steam after facial.

4. Donot use cream on the day you have a facial.

5. Avoid going out in the sun right after a facial.

6. Hydrate yourself, drink a lot of water.

7. Donot apply make-up for atleast 24 hrs post facial.

With respect to the pollution and the daily struggles we go through, Facials in Nepal are recommended to be kept in your beauty routine twice a month for a healthy and youthful skin. Chaitanya spa offers a wide range of facials, consult our beauty therapist to find out which one will best suit you.




Aug 4, 2017 2:32:22 PM By Chaitanya Spa Comments BEAUTY & SALOON,

The world-renowned thai massage is an ancient Thai art of healing that uses pressure points that tap into the body’s energy meridians to promote good health. This 2500 year old massage is ethnic combination of yoga & deep massage that aligns the energies of body. Thai massage helps release tension, improve blood circulation, and free the body from toxins. It consists of a bundle of assisted yoga postures releases the built-up pressure from body. Physically, it helps to uplift the flexibility of body, mentally it works as a stress-buster that reprograms the mind filling you with happy and positive thoughts.

Thai massage is conducted with the clients wearing comfortable clothes.

Thai massage does not use oil, it’s a dry therapy.

Benefits of Thai Massage

● Improvement In Posture, Circulation, & Flexibility  

Thai massage includes postures and positions that are a part of practicing yoga: improved posture, increased circulation, and greater flexibility. Thai massage loosens and elongates muscles, resulting in lower muscular stress on various parts of the body. At the end of Thai massage, it will make you feel thoroughly relaxed, loose and de-stressed.

● Pain Relief

In various surveys conducted, thai massage has been proven to be beneficial for a number of chronic muscular pain and join pain conditions. The applied pressure technique used in Thai massage pinpoints areas of built-up muscular tension. Thai massage targets specific areas with applied pressure, to release tension so that muscles may be further manipulated effectively. Medicine also target trapped nerves, making it highly beneficial in alleviating muscle spasms. Acupressure techniques and principles are used to target key energy points in the body, which correspond to the wider anatomy.

● Increased Flexibility and Mobility

A Higher level of flexibility can be achieved from thai massage that will assist in mobility during daily life chores including exercises. The flexibility and Mobility will influence healthy living.

● Energy Boost

Thai massage unblocks the energy flow of the body that assists in invigorating you and rejuvenating your body, mind and soul. Blocked energy from stress, injuries, or diseases may sometimes result as pain, fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Unblocking the flow and keeping it constant can contribute to better mobility, a clearer mind, and more energy to do the things you love.

● Lowers Blood Pressure

The applied pressure technique used in Thai massage helps in improving blood circulation. The stretching and applied pressure technique both work internally to lower down the blood pressure. It helps to release lactic acid in the body that aids in richer and healthier blood flow.

● Indirectly Controls the Sugar Level

Thai Massage indirectly helps to control the Blood Sugar Level. Diabetes is disease that requires good circulation in order to maintain healthy body and Thai massage is a perfect solution to receive improved blood circulation.

● Stress Reduction

Thai Massage is the ultimate relaxation provider that reduces the stress and induces mental repose to a great extent. Thai massage reduces the cortisol levels (stress hormone) induces happy hormones making the results clear regarding stress levels.


● It should not be taken by people who are extremely weak or infirm.

● It should not be applied during pregnancy.

● It is not suggested for the cancer patients.

● It should be avoided in client who have recent back injury like herniated disk and osteoporosis.

● Not recommended for cardio-vascular patients.

● It should be strictly avoided if you had had a recent surgery.

● Massage shouldn't be done over bruises, inflamed or weak skin, unhealed or open wounds, skin rash, tumors, abdominal hernia, or recent fractures.

How often should thai massage be taken?

Thai massage is recommended to be received once every two weeks in initial sessions and once a month later when the body becomes more flexible.

In case of chronic pain, the massage can be taken once a week as the relaxation in thai massage lasts a week.




Aug 1, 2017 12:49:21 PM By Chaitanya Spa thai massage, Comments MASSAGE & TREATMENT,

Shiatsu Origin and Explanation

Shiatsu is a pressure massage therapy which is a traditional healing method that originated in Japan and has been used all over the world to treat several body conditions. Shiatsu focuses on invigorating the Ki (the circulating life force) which is considered as the balancing element between negatives and positives in human body.

In Japanese tradition it is believed that health is prevalent when the Ki flows unobstructed through its pathways. When the Ki becomes deficient or the flow is obstructed, symptoms arise. This could be regular colds or flu, headaches that emerge regularly, body aches and muscular pain or digestive difficulties or even just a feeling of not being as well as one could be. All those indicate an imbalance of Ki. Shiatsu stimulates and harmonizes the flow of Ki throughout the body.

Shaitsu benefits:

Shiatsu massage is basically a finger pressure therapy which is proven to be a beneficial treatment for wide range of musculoskeletal, internal and emotional conditions. It can reduce muscle stiffness, stimulate the skin, aid digestion, and influence the nervous system. Shiatsu is used to treat a wide range of chronic conditions, such as backaches, including lower back ache, neck and joint pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, headaches, PMS, digestive disorders, fatigue, insomnia, stress, anxiety, the practitioner tailors the treatment according to the client’s needs.

● Shiatsu helps in relieving constipation when applied to abdominal area. The stretching and pulling of the massage loosens muscles and relaxes the colon and intestines.
● Shiatsu is very effective for those suffering from fatigue and overall weakness. It works on the tension and takes spasms out of the muscles, thus eliminating muscle aches by rubbing and pulling at the skin and muscles, and by pressing on acupressure points that release tension.
● Migraines are result of rapid widening and narrowing of the blood vessels in the brain or head, causing irritation and pain. Shiatsu aids migraines by relaxing the body and increasing blood flow and circulation throughout the body.
● Shiatsu is also a non-invasive therapy that helps to reduce stress, tension, anxiety and depression by leaving you relaxed and calm.
● Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammation of the body’s tissue that attacks the linings of the joints. Pressure from the massage can be applied to hands, feet or any area that is affected by arthritis, it also helps to limber muscles, gives muscles nutrition by provide improved circulation. It provides relief and helps in reducing muscular pain.
● It helps to stimulate circulation in capillaries of the skin’s soft tissues. The massage also serves to stimulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands that keeps skin moist and smooth. This helps to give skin resilience and prevents wrinkling. The improved blood circulation also helps improve the look and glow of the skin.
● Shiatsu massages have been used for thousands of years to aid women during monthly cycles and alleviate menstrual cramps. On the flip side it has been known to help women in labor and babies turn in the womb. It can induce labor in women who are overdue and help ease morning sickness and swelling that is often caused by pregnancy.
● Not only does shiatsu help to improve the circulation and cellular nutrition throughout the body but also benefits the digestive system by allowing food to digest more easily and aids in waste elimination. It increases stamina by storing energy reserves to assist in fat metabolism and removal.
● Helps those who suffer from fatigue and weakness by restoring and maintaining the body’s energy. It takes charge of the weakness and fills you with lasting energy.

When should shiatshu not be received?

Although shiatsu is a very safe massage that has no side effects, there are certain cases when it is better to avoid receiving it. It must be avoided during following cases:

● Fever
● Infectious skin disease or open wounds.
● Immediately after surgery. After surgery it is best to avoid the scar area for six months. This includes the abdomen after a cesarean birth.
● For the people who are prone to blood clots, have a risk of blood clots being dislodged. So, if you have heart disease, atherosclerosis, or high cholesterol, please consult your physician before booking an appointment.
● Shiatsu should not be done directly over recent bruises, inflamed skin, unhealed cuts & wounds, abdominalhernia, or areas of recent fractures. But it can still be done over the rest of the body.
● If you have been through a recent stroke or cerebrovascular accident, it is better to wait for at least six months before applying shiatsu. Always consult a doctor if the patient has suffered a stroke in the last two years.
● If you are diabetic, you should have regular check-ups for sensory neuropathy. Please inform the therapist if your last check-up was over a year ago.
● Always explain our therapists about the type of medication you are taking and if it has the desired effect.

Working of Shiatsu

Shiatsu massage therapy does not require an individual to remove clothes. However, it is advised to wear comfortable clothes during shiatsu session. A sheet or a robe may also be provided according to the client’s preference. The technique does not involve use of oils during the massage. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, diseases are believed to be a result of energy imbalance or qi (chi, ki) in the body. Shiatsu massage involves direct pressure from the thumb, forearm and the palms to relax the tired muscles and remove imbalances of qi. The pressure is also applied with the knees to loosen the stiff back muscles. The massage is typically carried out with the client lying on the floor on a mat which helps the therapist to utilize the entire body pressure across the hard surface.

How often should Shiatsu therapy be applied on a person?

Shiatshu vitalizes the energy flow of the body, so, it can be taken as often as possible ranging from once to twice a week. However, the application may increase or decrease according to the body condition and requirement.




Jul 26, 2017 6:00:30 PM By Chaitanya Spa Comments MASSAGE & TREATMENT,

What is Potli Massage

This Special massage is normally done in the form of heated herbal pouches. Their aim is to bring a therapeutic effect on the body by relaxing, nourishing and rejuvenating. The compress is made of pure, unbleached cotton which is skin-friendly. The herbs used in the potli’s are clinically proven for their health benefits and when warmed, the heat works in providing an in-depth treatment. Herbal hot stamps, experienced hands and traditional acupressure technique make a perfect combination to take away aching and stiffness of your body.

How does Potli Massage Work?

Potli Massage is a therapy that uses double elements of Ayurveda: Fire and Water blended with herbs to give you a deeper relaxation and greater impact on your body. The heated pouches when is rubbed against the body, opens the pores giving the goodness of  herbs a pathway to reach deeper inside the cells giving the optimum relaxation to the aching, sore muscles. The potli massage don’t only help in comforting the body but also works on providing calmness to mind.

Benefits of Potli Massage

● Instant Pain Relief from aching muscles and stiffness in joints.
● Helps in losing weight naturally by aiding in building muscle and burning fats.
● Highly Recommended for people over 30 years of age as it prevents the chances of bone-weakening, vertebral issues and muscle depletion.
● Works magic on musculoskeletal illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, frozen shoulders, osteoarthritis, paralysis and so on.
● Wide range of herbs available for potli massage makes it possible to choose from the list for treating the specific illness and body condition.
● A treatment to cure muscle stiffness and inflammation.
● Improves body Flexibility.
● Aromatic properties of herbs helps in balancing the mind.
● Detoxification at its best.
● Moisturizes and hydrates the skin.

Herbs used in the potli massage and the reasonings

● Ashwagandha Root - relieves stress, muscle strain and boosts sleep.
● Neem and Mustard - heals and detoxifies skin and body.
● Ginger and Turmeric - purifies the mind and body.
● Rosemary and Rice - eases out tensed muscles and stimulates blood circulation.
● Mint and Lemon - soothes headaches.
● Lemon and Orange - rejuvenates the body and mind.
● Onion and Aloe Vera to reduce soreness, swelling, inflammation and pain.
● Lavender and Cardamom to refreshing and calm down the body and nerves.

When to avoid receiving Potli Massage?

● Potli massage has a number of health benefits but if you are going through any of the following problems and issues, you should not take potli massage.
● If you have open wounds and cuts.
● If swelling persists on a certain part or parts of your body.
● If  you have recently gone through burns on your body.

How often should one take Potli Massage?

● In case of severe illness such as paralysis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, Potli massage can be taken once a week depending on the need and severity of the condition. In normal condition, the massage can be taken as often as once or twice a month.




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